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I started making totem poles because I wanted to explore the idea of stacking smaller elements up to make bigger pieces. My inspiration to do this might stem from my love of architectural design or the awe I feel when I see natural outcroppings of rock, or perhaps just from playing balancing games as a child. They all combine their set  of ‘building blocks’ into a beautiful design. It is my goal for my ‘building blocks’ to all come together to make an effortless finished pole. 

 Making a totem pole is about a 3 to 6 month process beginning with an idea for the theme of the pole and finishing with the final assembly of all of the separate pieces. The magic is what takes place in the middle.  

My whimsical totem poles are each one of a kind creations. They encompass a full array of sizes, shapes, colors and themes. I enjoy looking for the balance that comes from putting all the elements together just right to form a graceful finished piece. 

 The poles are all made of high fired stoneware clay for durability and are suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. They are mounted on a metal base plate which makes them stable to stand alone or easy to bolt down for a more permanent installation.The poles come apart for easy transport.

Many of the totem poles are created as commissions. These custom orders accommodate special color, height or animal requests. It is always a pleasure to work with a client to create just the right focal point for a specific setting. Here's a little more information about the commissioning process. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your special order.



"Ayaz and I think the totem is just perfect! It has settled into its new home and seems happy in the space. Everyone who sees it is fascinated by its color, movement and creativity.

Thank you for creating the perfect piece for us. It makes me happy every time I see it.



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My feet are wet and my hands aren't clean, but I wanted to come into the house and say Hi and to tell you how much I love"Bird Pole" inside and "Blue Beads with Carp a la Greque " outside right by the door. 

Please know that your extraordinary work is loved every day every single second I see them I smile. I'm so glad I was brave enough to slam on the brakes at the Pot Shop and say YES!! to Bird Pole and to call you the next day and say YES to Carp Pole. Your talented hand and mastery of your medium with perfection and whimsy makes my house so frickin' fun!


Your friend in Napa,


Hide and Seek

Light blue and soft green pole with 3 large frogs bottom. middle and top

This sweet pole has three playful frogs peeking around the beads and hiding in the foliage. It is glazed with soft blues and greens and has a very soothing presence.

62" x 12" x 12"



Woodpecker Pole

pole of wood beads and checked black and white beads with leaves.  woodpecker and babies on top

 My Woodpecker Pole captures a very sweet  moment between a mother and her babies. I love the idea of a family choosing to nest in one of my sculptures.
By  a special coincidence, my only experience with seeing a piiated  woodpecker in person came while I was making this pole. I had been  looking at woodpecker images trying to decide what I wanted the  woodpecker on the top to look like and I looked up to see that outside  my window was an unbelievably large, magnificent woodpecker clinging to  the side of a redwood tree. It stayed long enough for me to take some  photos and enjoy its company. Then off it went and I haven't seen one  since. I felt like it was a special muse sent at just the right moment.

75 x 12 x 12



Fishing Pole

Blue hoops with a differnt fish swimming through each one

Fishing Pole was made during a time when I had a lot of mental hoops to jump through. Not realizing it while I was making the pole  I thought I was just making a pole about fish swimming . I wanted to use the hoops to create the feeling of movement for the fish, like they were suspended in the water. It was not until the piece was almost all built that I looked at it and saw the hoop jumping that my life had been doing represented in the piece. I am always amazed when this happens even though so much of my work has an autobiographical aspect to it. I never seem to see it coming!

79 x 16 x 16



Flamingo in Paradise

A pink flamingo in a garden

Flamingo in Paradise is suggesting a tropical setting with a flamingo picking its way through the reeds looking for shrimp to snack on.

59 x 22 x 14



Leaping Rabbit Pole

Green and orange beads with a brown rabbit leaping through a spiral bead

Leaping Rabbit is a charming pole. It has a garden like feeling with a little brown rabbit hopping along through the plants.

52 x 12 x 12



Purple Fantasy

Purple, orange and green beads topped with a purple thistle type flower

Purple Fantasy is an imaginary thistle type flower on top of a botanical themed pole. 



Who's There?

Purple and red floral beads with a raccoon peeking out through a leaf covered bead

This sweet little bandit is peeking through the bushes asking "Who's There?". I have very fond memories of feeding raccoons over the top of the dutch door at our cabin when I was a little girl. This little guy always makes me smile remembering those days.

67 x 12 x 12




Harmony is an elegant pole just over 6 feet tall with a beautiful stamped flower pattern. The vibrant reds and oranges seem to sparkle. The sweet little birds are perched together enjoying the day and sharing a song.



Top Dog

This playful pole is composed of dogs and cats along with their playmates. It stands about 5 feet tall.