Commissioning a Totem Pole


Custom Made Just For You!


Commissioning a 'custom made just for you' Totem Pole is a fun and rewarding way to bring a very special and meaningful sculpture into your home.

So how does it work? 


Meet and Agree on a Theme or Idea for the Pole


Usually we meet at my studio or on-line and look through my portfolio book ('Totems'- available on Etsy) so I can get a feel for what resonates with you. We look at shapes and colors, talk about the height and talk about any special things that should be in the pole. Often there is an animal or two requested. It is a fun process to choose what will be on your pole!

We discuss where the pole will go - indoors or out? what's around it? and agree on a budget that works for everyone. By the end of the meeting we have a general agreement on what the pole will be.


Send in Photos of Site or Pet Portrait


Next you will send me photos of the place where the pole will go, either the room in your house or the area in the garden. If I can I like to see the site in person so I can get a good feel for the setting but photos work well too. 


If there is a pet portrait involved you'll send me photos of your pet. I do my best to capture the spirit of your dear friend with what I describe as a caricature of the animal.  


Down Payment to Start the Work


Once we are in agreement about the project a non-refundable down payment is made and work begins. I take a bit of time in the beginning to let everything percolate and then make some decisions about what to build. This is the place where we all take a leap of faith that, given the freedom to create something wonderful, amazing things will happen. 


Progress Photos along the Way


Once things get underway I send progress photos as the pole develops. You always has the freedom to ask me to replace an element that doesn't suit you for any reason. That doesn't happen very often but in the end we all need to love the piece. 


Each piece of the Totem Pole is built, dried and fired before it can be stacked together. Over the next few months I’m adding to the pole, taking away things when I change my mind and creating something unique and special for you. I’m paying attention to how each piece works on its own and how it adds to the Totem Pole as a whole. I want each of my poles to be spectacular in their own way.


Color Selection and Glazing


The pole gets its color! Once I am satisfied with all of the pieces I start the glazing process.

All of the pieces suddenly come to life as the vibrant colors come out of the kiln. They bring out the joy you will feel every time you see this special piece in your home.


Before you know it, Your Totem Pole is Ready!


The big unveiling! Your beautiful Totem Pole is finished and ready to go home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come!


Let’s talk about a Totem Pole for you!


It is both a responsibility and an honor to be chosen to do a commission and I do my very best to make every Totem Pole a spectacular sculpture that will bring joy into your home or garden.

I’d love to discuss creating a special Totem Pole just for you. Let’s arrange a no obligation get acquainted talk to explore the possibilities.  Use the “Let’s Talk” button below to leave your name and contact information and I’ll be in touch.


"Ayaz and I think the totem is just perfect! It has settled into its new home and seems happy in the space. Everyone who sees it is fascinated by its color, movement and creativity.

Thank you for creating the perfect piece for us. It makes me happy every time I see it.