How to Install a Pole Outdoors

Base plate sitting on concrete slab

Concrete Base

To keep your pole from shifting with time it is a good idea to mount it on a concrete base that is a little larger than the metal base plate that comes with the pole.

Mark and drill the holes

Mark and Drill the Holes

Mark the locations of the 4 holes in the base plate and drill holes to match in the concrete.

Inserting bolts in holes

Add Bolts

Next pound redheads or similar type of bolts into the holes. 

place base over the bolts

Install the Metal Plate

Next slide the metal baseplate over the bolts and secure in place with washers and nuts. 

tightening nuts

Tighten it up

Use a wrench to tighten the nuts.


Add the Central Pipe

Lastly, screw the pipe into the pipe flange and carefully stack the pole pieces over the pipe.