Frog Pottery

There is something very special about using handmade pottery. The way a person cradles a mug close to their heart while warming their hands doesn't happen with mass produced wares. I enjoy creating these special pieces and hope you will enjoy using them.

My functional pottery has a blend of sophistication and whimsy combined with forms that are a bit out of the ordinary. I enjoy making shapes and items that one doesn't find everywhere. I think it provides an opportunity to present food in special and creative ways.

The items pictured in the Frog Pottery and Two Tone Blue Pottery collections represent a sampling of the pieces I make. Please contact me about availability and sizes. To see more of my work please visit me at The Pot Shop or an art fair (see show schedule). All of the functional pieces are made of high fired stoneware and the glazes are all lead free.

Frog Pottery Collection

Frog Mugs


Frog Mugs come with frogs in 6 different poses. Each one is hand made so no two are exactly the same. 

$40.00 each


Salsa Bowls


The perfect size for a salsa or other condiment, each bowl is a little different with the frogs climbing in or out.

$35. 00 each


Olive Dish


This oval shaped olive bowl is beautiful with olives, candy or your favorite snack.



Urban Lunch Box


I wanted to take soup to work one day for lunch and realized I didn't have a way to carry it. This little casserole is perfect for lunch sized leftovers.





These little ramekins are great for everything from a pinch of salt by the stove to a small helping of pot a creme. This is the perfect little pot to hold just a little something.

$20.00 each


Cheese Plate


This makes a very sweet gift. The wooden knife compliments the frog and ginkgo leaf decoration.



Frog Pencil Jar


I think of this as a little pencil jar but it is perfect for any small collection.



Small Plate


I first made this little dish as a wine bottle coaster. Then I realized it was the perfect size for a cookie, or olive oil for dipping or so many things.





I like vases that just need a few flowers. Both of these fit the bill perfectly.

$50.00 each